What to Wear // Engagement Shoot

When it comes to being a photographer, sometimes our jobs go further and we start to wear different hats - photographer, stylist, planner, advice giver etc. I get a ton of questions on what to wear? When the different seasons arrive it is difficult to adjust and know what would look good, what would be comfortable and what will work when coordinating with your loved ones. I'm going to start blog posts for inspiration on different outfits for different types of sessions and then pin them to my "Outfits for Photo Sessions" board on Pinterest. We are upon wedding season, so I am starting off this series with What to Wear for Engagement Sessions. 

Tip #1: Finding the right color

You always want to base the color of your outfit on the location of your shoot. If it's an open field with tall grass and lots of greenery, choose jewel colors like emerald, sapphire and ruby. If you are shooting in an urban setting, trying either going neutral or completely bright and bold.

Tip #2: Complimenting is the new matching

Out with all white and denim and in with mixed patterns and colors. You don't have to exactly match during your session, but take it as a chance to show off your personality but still compliment each other. Choose two to three different colors and mix and match how each one wears them.

Tip #3: Pick wisely but have variety

During your session, you're more than likely going to have multiple outfits to change into. And usually it's based off of different styles; preppy, dressy and casual. To keep it simple, you can wear the same slacks for two outfits and just change the top. Or just add a layer. Bring items like hats, scarfs, jackets, glasses and anything that will add personality to your photos. Big, bold statement necklaces always pair well with neutral clothing. And be sure that your outfits fit well and comfortably.

I hope this blog post was helpful and if you need help with color combinations head on over to COLOURLOVERS.COM for inspiration.