Model Release

I hereby consent that the photographs taken on this day by Danielle Hendrickson may be used by Danielle Hendrickson Design & Photography; for the purpose of display, promotions, advertising, portfolio, pinterest, etsy, competitions, or publications to promote the studio. I further agree that the images can be used without additional compensation to the undersigned. I also declare that I have legal authority to grant these permissions and I accept all responsibilities for such. I have read the foregoing and fully understand the contents hereof. I represent that I am the parent/guardian of the named model. For value received, I hereby consent to the foregoing on his/her behalf.

Client Portrait Contract

Terms and Conditions
It is understood that Danielle Hendrickson is the exclusive official photographer retained to perform the photographic services requested on this contract and is not an employee of the client.


Client understands that by entering into this agreement, Photographer is foregoing other photographic jobs. In the event of a cancellation or postponement of the portrait session/agreement by Client, the retainer fee paid is non-refundable. The fees are transferable if a date change is necessary. Forty-eight hours notice of postponements or cancellations is appreciated.


If it is not possible for a session to take place on a scheduled day due to weather upon the Photographer's opinion, the two parties will reschedule on an agreed date at the earliest date possible, with no additional charge.

Cooperation/No Shows/Reshoots:

Photographer is not responsible if Client and/or key individuals fail to appear or cooperate during the session, or for missed images due to details not revealed to Photographer. The client can reschedule with a 24 hour notice. The session can be rescheduled up to 3 times.

Session Proofs: 

Client will receive their online gallery of the edited images within 2-3 weeks of their portrait session. Photographer retains the right to edit the photographs and omit any image.

Images produced for preview and sale are securely kept for one (1) year from the date of the session on a backed up hard drive.

Changes to this Agreement:
This contract incorporates the entire understanding of the parties and is governed by the laws of Missouri. Any modifications of this Contract must be in writing and signed by both parties.

All images are copyrighted to and remain the property of Danielle Hendrickson. They are for personal use only. DO NOT copy, edit or alter the images in any way (i.e. instagram filters) and/or reproduce these photographs elsewhere without the Photographer's permission. If it is found that you edit/alter the image(s), I have the right to revoke your print release and rights. Violators of this Federal Law will be subject to its civil and criminal penalties. If you post on any social media sites (i.e. facebook) please provide "photos taken by Danielle Hendrickson Design & Photography". A print release form is given to you for printing purposes only, not to give you rights to the photos.

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